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Increasing complexity and uncertainty in operating environment are courses of concern for financial institutions today. Institutions need to fulfill the requirements of the regulators while maintaining profitability in tightening competitive landscape. Management has to meet simultaneously the demands of the customers, business owners and different stakeholders.

Detech Technologies Ltd offers advanced strategic financial decision-making solutions for financial institutions. The solutions help institutions to find optimal balance-sheet management strategies and secure their financial standing in uncertain operating environments. The solutions provide an integrated balance sheet management framework combining risk and capital management to strategy and financial planning.

Detech Technologies Ltd is a forerunner in sophisticated next-generation optimization solutions in financial technology. Our innovative solutions are targeted on supporting strategic financial decision-making and efficient balance-sheet management requirements of institutions operating in different areas of the financial services industry.

We have turned business analytics from reactive to proactive decision-making tools with actionable insights to holistic view of the business. Our software provides an integrated platform bringing together risk analytics, management goals, regulations and forward- looking scenario analysis.

Solutions for strategic financial and risk management

Detech Optimizer is a sophisticated financial management and enterprise-wide risk management software for the financial industry. Detech`s advanced analytics tool offers superior advantages to companies for finding the best strategies to achieve their business goals under uncertainty.

Software is based on advanced state-of-the art optimization technology approach to strategic financial management, which is an advanced and versatile approach for dealing with highly complex financial management problems under uncertainty. It covers Banktech, Insurtech, WealthTech, Risktech and RegTech issues.

Our solutions are targeted on business users

Solutions provide applications for a number of institutions and applications

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Key Benefits of Detech Optimizer – Sophisticated advanced analytics tool


We are a UK and Finland based Fintech company. Our software products are based on extensive research in the field of quantitative finance and mathematical modelling. Several years of development work has resulted in versatile and powerful solutions based on the state-of-the-art technology.

Our management team, partners and advisors are highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the financial services industry and academic research. The internationally experienced team combines expertise in economics, finance, mathematical modelling, optimization technology, risk management and regulations.

Our founder Dr. Antti Korhonen has done pioneering research work in finance and has been an early adopter of prescriptive analytics in finance.


Detech partnered with Finastra Ltd

Detech has partnered with Finastra Ltd, the global financial technology software company based in London. Detech and Finastra have agreed to collaborate in the area of banking risk and balance sheet management as both offerings complement each other. Finastra has embedded Detech`s optimization solution in their new product Fusion Optimum, which has been launched in the second half of 2019.

Finastra is a leading financial technology company with a global presence offering next-generation cloud-based software solutions for financial institutions. Finastra has 10,000 employees and over 8,500 customers in 130 countries.

Detech listed in Top 10 Risk Management Solution Providers by CIOApplications Europe

We are glad to announce that CIOApplications Europe Magazine has included Detech Technologies Ltd (UK) among the TOP 10 Risk Management Solution Providers in Europe in their Risk Management Special Edition in 2019.

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Detech Technologies Ltd presented its Regtech solutions at the RechTech Rising event in London in December 2018

Detech Technologies Ltd presented its Fintech solutions at the London Fintech Week in July 2017.

Scanmagazine, published in UK and Northern European countries has included Detech Decision Technologies Ltd in their special Nordic Fintech edition in September 2017.

Detech’s solutions for managing uncertainty were presented at FICO Nordics Optimization Forum in Stockholm, January 2016.

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